Creating multimedia, websites and more.

Web design and development. Motion graphics and video. Print. Social Media. L.B. Deyo has created work for major clients like Ford Motor Company, Jane magazine, Cisco Systems, Universal Studios, The Plaza Hotel, and Calvin Klein. All these clients had stories to tell about their products and services. Now it's time to tell your story.




L.B. Deyo

Payment Approved Identity Style Guide

A whole new look and feel for the fintech company

L.B. Deyo

Editorial Maps

Stratfor graphics

L.B. Deyo

Stratfor Charts and Diagrams

The visual display of quantitative information

L.B. Deyo

Blockchain Explainer Video

Motion graphics and 3D make the complex clear

L.B. Deyo

The Trial Motion Graphics Interpretation

Inspired by the Kafka magum opus

L.B. Deyo

Ford Mini-Site

Mini-site for Ford Motor Company, presented by Jane magazine online

L.B. Deyo

The Integral Tractatus

A motion-graphics interpretation of the philosophy book

L.B. Deyo

One Hundred Years of Solitude

A motion graphics interpretation

L.B. Deyo

Infinite Jest Motion Graphics Video

An interpretation of the late-20th century novel

L.B. Deyo

Golden Hornet Logo/Branding

Reimagining classical music.

L.B. Deyo

The Sauce Art Direction

Created the poster, credits, and other design/illustration for the movie The Sauce

L.B. Deyo

Calvin Klein Mini-site

Showcasing the Choice line

L.B. Deyo


In various styles

L.B. Deyo

Dionysium Identity and Posters

The Dionysium: A debate and lecture show