L.B. Deyo

A motion-graphics interpretation of the philosophy book

The Integral Tractatus

As a motion graphics artist and visual storyteller, I was tasked with bringing the complex ideas of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus to life through a video interpretation. This project presented a unique challenge, as the book contains intricate philosophical concepts that are difficult to convey in a visual format.

Through my background in philosophy and experience in filmmaking, I was able to find creative solutions to these design problems. By breaking down the text into its core concepts and finding visually striking ways to convey these ideas, I was able to create a video that captured the essence of the book while maintaining its intellectual rigor. This involved careful attention to the use of color, typography, and pacing, and crafting a narrative that drew viewers in and kept them engaged.

Client: The Dionysium

Watch the video.